A website by itself is of little use unless it is found by search engines and helps to generate targeted traffic you can convert to revenues. This is where Soni Groups SEO services convert your website from a mere showcase on the web to a powerful marketing tool. Handled by a team of SEO experts, our search engine optimization activities include onsite optimization and offsite optimization. Onsite optimization creates a more fluid, search engine friendly website with a structured look and navigation layout, a well designed theme and content that engages. Offsite SEO is a set of various activities all with the purpose of generating back links and traffic that will help your site rise in search engine results. We offer affordable and modular SEO packages to suit your preferences and budgets. Call us for the latest in SEO services.


Search Engine Marketing or SEM from Soni Groups leverages the power of PPC to help you get instant traffic. It does cost you money every time someone clicks on your online PPC ad but this is more of an investment than expense. SEM helps you receive high volume of traffic within a short time and converting these into revenues gets you payback for your investment. SEM can be a simple process of deploying online ads. We are just as adept at offering you the entire suite of SEM services that cover branding, creating landing pages, local search and marketing mobile search marketing backed by search term research to help you get the maximum ROIs on PPC and search marketing campaigns on the most popular search engines.


SMO or social media optimization helps you tap into the power of social networks and derive greater volumes of organically grown traffic. In addition, our diverse strategies across the social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others help you get instant recognition, groups of hundreds of followers who promote your products and the creation of an authoritative brand identity. Our SMO team is quite experienced in all aspects of social media optimization and social media marketing. We will create personalized tactical strategies implemented in phases over a period of time to ensure the momentum is maintained while keeping costs within limits. Investing in SMO through Soni Groups helps you earn revenues in multiples of what you spend today.


Soni Groups email marketing assistance helps you reach out to a mass audience, engage and then convert potential targets while achieving long term visibility. Our team of email marketing experts helps design newsletters, manage email lists and add new ones, send out targeted mails with attractive incentives. Graphics blend in nicely with informational and persuasive content penned by experts in content writing. Whether you wish to conduct mass email marketing campaigns in-house or outsource it to us, our expertise is available for you to leverage this powerful tool for growth.


Given the fact that every other person is using a mobile device and is instantly reachable, SMS marketing is a powerful tool to get instant responses. Our SMS marketing experts develop sharp, succinct and powerfully compelling messages that evoke actions. Besides, we maintain lists of thousands of mobile numbers, both national and international, categorized into groups. With our own SMS gateway, we can send out thousands of text and multi media messages in minutes to decision makers. We can help you plan promotions and regular SMS marketing to help keep in touch, get results and achieve fastest growth in the shortest time.


TV ads have the potential to reach out to widespread audiences in an instant. However, unless perfectly planned and positioned with the help of research, such ads can also result in money going to waste. Soni Groups TV ad campaigns are founded on in-depth research as well as knowledge of various TV channels, popularity of programs, viewerships and geographic locations. From designing a concept to creating the TV ad and positioning it for optimal exposure and impact, we can deliver TV ad campaigns that result in exponential growth of business in the shortest possible time. Our TV ads not only get revenues for you but also help build brands.

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