We are a name to reckon with for web, advertising & branding solutions. Since our inception, we have powered our way to the front based on core principles of services designed from a user perspective, professional courtesy, sophistication in implementation of technology and a focus on excellence in everything we do.

Our success is founded on personalized approach to each client’s requirement, backed by methodical research of markets, competition, future trends and the products and services. Innovation drives us to explore new avenues of creative solutions tailored to clients’ specific objectives and gets them on the high road to success. Providing integrated web and marketing solutions is our forte and by offering single point services we ensure smoother delivery of refined services at lower costs.

If we are successful credit goes to our teams of specialists in design, programming, marketing and SEO, each one adept and committed to meshing seamlessly yet working their own individual skills to the benefit of clients. Agile and flexible, we adapt and modify, constantly monitoring progress and making changes as we go to arrive at a perfect solution crafted with ingenuity to leverage the power of the web and put you ahead of the competition.

Well established, we have manpower and the infrastructure with a full service structure for instant availability no matter where you are or the time. Before, during and afterwards, we have a full-fledged support service to keep in touch. Your satisfaction is our happiness. Customizing each aspect to your objectives with a personalized approach coupled with professional courtesy and promptness in responding with targeted solutions is foundational to our success in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. This has helped Soni Groups gain new clients through word of mouth recommendations.

Let us help power up your business and give it the much needed boost to forge ahead in a competitive environment. Call us and discuss your thoughts.

2000+ Domain Names Registered

1000+ WebSites Hosted

2500+ Customers

What we do



Soni Groups’ mission is to empower Indian companies with world class IT services and solutions and to help them become competitive in global markets.



Our vision is that of becoming a leading business support partner for companies and become a world recognized services provider.

Reliability, Speed and Security
Responsive Design
Easy Knowledge Base
Free Web Tools & Applications
24/7 Award Winning Support
Free Updates Lifetime

Our Team

Mr.Prem Narayan CEO, Sonigroups

Mr.Prem Narayan is a serial tech entrepreneur,  founder CEO sonigroups.com .

Akshay Soni Co-founder,Sonigroups

Graphic Designer 6+ years experience in print, branding, advertising, and marketing. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator .

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